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A woman of many names because no one can pronounce her given name.

Tiz, Tizzy, TizzleSquish, Bunny, Bunnycita, Squid, T, Auntie, Skank-A-Doodle-Doo, and

Lord Starch, Keeper of the Theory.

Or whatever you want to call me. I like to write.

I decided to start sharing my writing so that when I die, my work isn't forever lost to the purgatory of "the cloud." I don't want to disappoint my younger self further.

My dog is my life's sassy, sweet, stubborn, spicy light. She uplifts me. She humbles me. The Princess has too many names/nicknames.

Advance of Color Flow

The Drive Fries Theory

My life’s greatest work

The reason I was birthed

My legacy birthed from my loins

My dissertation

My manifesto

My magnum opus

Every life will be transformed by this

A beautiful butterfly bursting out of its chrysalis

The Ascension is here (for some of you)

Much more to come!! I just need to figure out what I'm doing. For the time being, I will be sporadically posting on Instagram.


Welcome to The Order of Extra Orders

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